Created For Good Works

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:How would you like to be part of the winningest team?God created you for good.

Reflecting the Glory of God

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:The glory of God is His goodness - something we were made to reflect.

Do You Love Me

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:Is it casual, friendly, or deep and true - how do you love God?

The Weight of Sin

Pastor JJ Hefley


Description:Why are you running the race carrying weights you don't have to carry? Drop them.

Jesus' Last Week

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:There is a life after this one.

Let the Stones Be Silent

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:We were made to praise - it's in our nature.

The Sower

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:Are you hard ground because you've been trampled on? Rocky ground that won't allow a good root system for long-term growth? Thorny ground because other things have become more important than God? All these types of soil can be tilled and worked into good ground... don't wait.

Going Deeper

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:God wants more from you.

"Joyful" Sinners

Rev. Bill Kirk


Description:You can't be filled with darkness and be filled with light.

Core Values 1: Relevance Without Compromise

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:We need to be relevant to the world and culture we live in, without compromising the truth and righteousness of God's Word.

Core Beliefs 5: The Bible

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:Find out why this is the most important book in the world.

Core Beliefs 4: Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:We believe that Jesus is coming back for those who believe in Him.

Core Beliefs 3: Holy Spirit

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:There's nothing to be scared of... find out who HE is and why you need HIM.

Core Beliefs 2: Divine Healing

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:What should you believe about Divine Healing?

Core Beliefs 1: Salvation

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:There are 5 beliefs that should be at the core of who you are, the first one is salvation.

No One Likes Lukewarm

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:Hot cold, or lukewarm... how is your faith in God?

Jesus: Holder of the Keys

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:When God opens a door, it will not be shut; when He shuts a door, it will not be opened.

Don't Become the Walking Dead

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:Wake up! God knows your deeds, that they are unfinished.

Why Shepherds?

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:When God chose to announce the birth of His Son, He chose to announce it to shepherds.

Don't Accept Immorality to Fit In

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:God isn't flexible on morality... tolerating the wrong beliefs to fit in will get you in trouble.

Don't Compromise with the Culture Around You

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:Black Stone/White Stone... sign of guilt or innocence. Which one is God going to give you?

Be Faithful & Do Not Fear

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:To those who are faithful under persecution, God promises LIFE as their victor's crown.

Finding Your First Love Again

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:Do you remember when you first fell in love? What it felt like? Do you feel that way toward God?

Introducing the Church

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:What should the church really be like?


Pastor J.J. Hefley


Description:Love conquers all!

Beyond the Turkey

Pastor J.J. Hefley


Description:Is Thanksgiving about more than just stuffing yourself with turkey?

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:God has good plans for you, don't worry about changes in the future.

What the Cross Did For Me

Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:Find out how the power of the cross implemented your death, burial, and resurrection along with Christ!

The Unlikely Candidate

Pastor Joseph Green


Description:Yes, you... God has a plan and is calling YOU!

The Tongues Controversy

Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:Find out what the Bible and the history of the church reveals about tongues.


Pastor J.J. Hefley


Description:Good news... you've been chosen, please reply.

God's Description of Love

Pastor Jerry Quallas


Description:Everyone's looking for love. Find out what love really is in this inspiring message.

Love in the Equation

Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:How can something equal nothing? It doesn't matter what you do, if love isn't in the equation, it is nothing in total in God's eyes.

Spiritual Warfare

Pastor J.J. Hefley


Description:There is a real fight between good and evil.

Members of the Church

Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:Just like a puzzle has more than one piece, so does the church... it's not a complete picture when members are missing in action.

Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:Who doesn't like a gift? God has a variety of gifts for His church body, all designed to work in wonderful unity

Spiritual Gifts and Lordship

Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:Series 1: the Word and the Spirit, find out about the spiritual gifts given to us by God.

Moving Past My Failures

Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:God's love isn't conditional... He knows we fail sometimes, and He's there to help pick us up.

Lost and Found

Pastor J.J. Hefley


Description:Do you move everything to find the lost?

A Firm Foundation

Franklin Sager


Description:Is your life built on a firm foundation?

The Synergy of God

Rev. Del Smith


Description:God takes every aspect of your life and makes it work together to mold you into the image of His Son.

Facing My Future

Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:The Future is coming - learn how to not fear it for God is with you!

Kingdom Citizens

Pastor J.J. Hefley


Description:What's required of good kingdom citizens?

The Gibbor Man

Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:What kind of man does God want you to be? Find out!


Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:The circumstances you're in don't have to affect you. Find out how.

Tearing Down Strongholds

Pastor Jerry Qualls


Description:Learn how to tear down the strongholds in your life keeping you from being like Christ.

100th Anniversary Sunday

Dr. George Wood


Description:Better things are yet to come.